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Award Winning Submissions

brolga-awards-winners-sca-1600pxThe Company: Darwin Holiday Apartments

Overview: Prepare submissions for the Tourism Brolga Awards which resulted in winning three NT awards, and two-times finalist in the national Australian Tourism Awards

The Challenge: The Brolga Awards are a prestigious event that recognise outstanding excellence in tourism services. Darwin Holiday Apartments was a first-time entrant in the Brolga Awards in 2014. Entrants are required to demonstrate excellence across all areas of the business including vision, strategy, business planning, marketing plans, industry and community engagement plans, risk management plans, human resource management plans, and more. The submission process is extensive and requires excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills. It is unusual for first-time entrants to receive an award. An additional challenge is that there was no specific category that fitted Darwin Holiday Apartments services.

The Outcome: In 2014, Darwin Holiday Apartments won the NT Brolga Award for best specialised tourism services and was a finalist in the national Australian Tourism Awards. In 2015, the changing landscape of holiday accommodation was recognised by the governing board, and a new category for Self-Contained Accommodation was established. Darwin Holiday Apartments went on to win two awards in 2015, for Best Self Contained Accommodation, and Best Specialised Tourism Services, and was a finalist in the national Australian Tourism Awards for both these categories.

Cathryn’s role included planning to win the awards, networking and stakeholder engagement, writing the submissions, and post award marketing.