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Kotter’s Change Management Framework

Since the  launch of his seminal book Leading Change in 1996 where John Kotter introduced the 8-Step process for leading change, he and  the Kotter institute have continually researched, measured, and refined the model. In 2014 Harvard Business Review published an enhanced 8-Step process:



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What’s your big opportunity?

  • Do you see a Big Opportunity that could ignite the hearts and minds of your people?
  • Do you know how to identify, articulate and communicate it?
  • Are you able to connect an external change factor with a special capability of your organization?
  • What are the stakes if you succeed?
  • Consequences if you fail?

According to Dr Kotter “Windows of opportunity are appearing, opening, and closing more quickly
than ever before. If you are able to identify even a glimmer of a Big Opportunity, it’s important to quickly and urgently engage and mobilize around it before competitors seize the window.”


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