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Bush Telegraph Project

bush-telegraph-screenshotThe Company: Northern Territory Government

Overview: Project manage the development and delivery of a website that acts as a single point of reference for all Agency-held information relating to remote communities.

The Challenge: The NT Government delivers a range of services to remote communities, through numerous Agencies, including health, education, housing, infrastructure, and others. Previous there was no intra agency co-ordination, communication, or sharing of information which resulted in significant duplication of effort and cost, and impositions on communities Рfor example 3 different people from 3 different Agencies all turning up at the same community on the same day, in different vehicles, and possibly at a time that was inconvenient to community members. The Bush Telegraph was an interagency initiative designed to improve communication and information sharing between agencies, and to act as a single portal for all community-related information.

The Outcome: The Bush Telegraph was launched in 1997, and remains in use today. It acts a a comprehensive knowledge reposity for all government-held infroamtion relating to communtiies, including location information, street maps, building plans, population information, access information, and information about the community’s history and culture.