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Corporate Performance Mangement System

Consulting services in DarwinThe Company: NT Department of Communications and Advanced Technology

The Challenge: The NT Government provided a centralised IT service to Agencies that was technology-centric and did not meet the business needs of Agencies.. The service was being transitioned to operate on a semi-commercial footing, on a cost-recovery basis. This was a fundamental change to the culture and operation of the organisation, that required significant organisational and cultural change.

Cathryn’s role included championing several major cultural change initiatives, one of which was the design and delivery of a corporate performance management system that aligned individual efforts to the achievement of business unit goals, and corporate objectives. The resulting system, ‘Work Guidance’ was rolled out across the organisation, including delivery of training to approximately 400 staff.

The Outcome: The Work Guidance System incorporated aspects of personal development, valuing diversity, alignment of personal aspirations to career aspirations, and alignment of work activities to the achievements of personal goals and organisational goals, as well as ongoing performance reviews at an individual and business unit level. The system was widely accepted both by staff and management, and contributed significantly to building a culture focused on outcomes rather than process.