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Whole of Government Project Management Methodology

project-management-methodologyThe Company: NT Government IT and Communications Services (NCOM)

Overview: Develop a project management methodology for managing IT projects throughout NT Government Agencies.

The Challenge: Long before Prince2 and PMBOK became mainstream, the NT Government recognised the imperative for having a consistent and robust approach to managing IT projects across Agencies. NCOM had been using a proprietary system called Method/1 but this was found to be overly complicated and too unwieldy for use in Agencies. Cathryn worked as part of a small project team to develop a user-friendly project management methodology and quality procedures, which included Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Management and Reporting, Project Completion and Handover, and Post Implementation Management.

The Outcome: The resulting methodology “NCOM Project Management and Quality Procedures” was adopted across Government and underpinned numerous successful IT projects for many years. With the introduction of outsourcing of IT projects to the private sector, this methodology became less used (although it is still used internally by some Agencies). It is worth noting that a recent parliamentary inquiry into several failed IT projects in Agencies in recent years has recommended as part of its findings, the re-introduction of a consistent and robust IT Project Management methodology at a whole of government level.