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Whole of Government Records Management Strategy

records-connectThe Company: Northern Territory Government

Overview: Develop a consistent approach to records management across government agencies, and develop a strategy for the future management of electronic records

The Challenge: The NT Government consisted of 32 separate Agencies with staff spread across a vast geographical area often with limited communication. The challenge was to implement a single whole-of-government records strategy to achieve:

  • Improved productivity : implementing best practice recordkeeping
  • Improved accountability : implementing standards and practices that would¬†enable government to meet its accountability requirements
  • Improved service delivery : by enabling quicker access to and processing of relevant records
  • Better decision making : as a result of a complete and accessible corporate information base
  • Cost avoidance through
    – containment of growth in record-keeping staffing levels; and
    – productivity gains by elimination of duplicate and inefficient record keeping practices

On completion of the project, a Cabinet Briefing was required to recommend future directions.

The Outcome: The project involved complex stakeholder management, complex issues management, and consultation with other State Governments and Agencies. The project team consulted widely with records managers, administrative staff, senior management, and departmental CEs. A records management strategy brand of “Records Connect” was developed, and piloted in two agencies prior to a Cabinet Briefing, and successful Cabinet Submission to fund further stages of the project. An implementation project manager was appointed and the strategy was ultimately implemented across all NTG Agencies, and forms the basis of the NT Government’s eRecords management today.